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The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP)
is an unprecedented coalition of major Caribbean commercial and public broadcast companies.

Formulaire d'Adhesion du PMDC
Programming Packages

The CBMP distributes regular programming packages to member broadcasters that include locally-relevant PSAs and news and entertainment shows with HIV/AIDS themes. Content includes both original programming, developed in conjunction with LIVE UP, or repurposed content from CBMP member broadcasters or international†partners, including BET, MTV, and Univision. All content is provided free-of-cost and rights-free. CBMP member companies are encouraged to air materials throughout the year and are asked to track the placement of items included in each package.

The Steering Committee approves all material sent in the Programming Packages. The content generally includes:

  • Public Service Announcements (Radio and Television)
  • Long-form Entertainment Programming (Television)
  • Entertainment Programming (Radio)
  • News and Informational Programming (Television and Radio)
  • Quarterly AIDS News Update
  • Programming Guides and Resources

All materials are rights-free for use within donated airtime. We encourage broadcasters to insert additional end tags to LIVE UP PSAs promoting local resources. Spots cannot, however, be tagged with corporate brands or sold.

If you have HIV/AIDS-related content you are interested in sharing with the CBMP, please click here to fill out a content form. We welcome your material.

Programming Packages