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The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP)
is an unprecedented coalition of major Caribbean commercial and public broadcast companies.

Formulaire d'Adhesion du PMDC

Kaiser HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets

Global Fact Sheet - This updated fact sheet looks at the global response to the epidemic and its economic impact, as well as provides the latest data on the impact of the epidemic by geographic region, on women and on young people.

Caribbean Regional Fact Sheet - This fact sheet provides an overview of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean, including the latest data on the populations affected and information on international support for initiatives to fight the epidemic in the region.

UNAIDS AIDS Epidemic Update 2007

UNAIDS has just released its annual report on the status of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The new data include significant revisions to prior published estimates, due mostly to improved methodology and better data availability. In addition, there are now trend data available from 2001 to 2007 that help to paint a clearer picture of the epidemic's trajectory. Of note, the number of people estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS globally continues to increase, but the share of the global population estimated to be infected has leveled off. Also, new infections are now believed to have peaked in the late 1990s and declined somewhat in the last few years. Still, there are an estimated 6,800 people newly infected each day and sub-Saharan Africa continues to be the hardest hit region followed by the Caribbean.

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If you have questions about the UNAIDS data or would like to schedule an expert phone consultation, please contact the CBMP Office.

UN Secretary General Report
“Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS: Five Years Later”

This report, published in advance of the UN High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS in May 2006, provides an update on progress in the global AIDS response since the UN’s 2001 special session, identifies critical challenges that must be addressed and makes urgent recommendations to strengthen efforts at the global, regional and country levels.

CBMP Annual Reports