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The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP)
is an unprecedented coalition of major Caribbean commercial and public broadcast companies.

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Project Awards

Project Awards for the Development of HIV/AIDS Programming


2010 Small Project Award applications are available here.

To see a list of the 2007 Small Project Awards winners, click here.

Appel a propositions pour le financement des Programmes de Radio et de Television sur le VIH/SIDA, 2008

Project Award Recipients 2008

Radio Xaragua (Haiti) - "Together We Can" - Radio Xaragua will be producing a radio song competition focused against stigma. This contest will culminate in a live concert, with professional studio recording of the winner to be distributed to the national membership.

HAMA Productions/HAMA TV (Antigua) - "Paradise View" - HAMA TV will be producing a 30-minute television drama series (thirteen episodes) called Paradise View. This series is set in modern-day Antigua and will feature a character who is HIV+.

Atlas TV Productions (Haiti) - "Religious Beliefs & HIV/AIDS in Haiti" - This will be a video documentary on the impact of the practice of religions on the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Haiti.

HBTV Channel 9 (Guyana) - "The State of HIV/AIDS in Guyana: Putting on a Human Face" - This will be a thirty minute documentary on HIV/AIDS in Guyana.

Starcom Network (Barbados) - "AIDS Drop It in Ten" - Starcom will be producing a radio call-in countdown contest on HIV protection/anti-discrimination themes.

Radio Tele Express (Haiti) - "Let Us All Take Part in the Fight against HIV/AIDS" - A radio series on the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural areas. This project will also include training for remote correspondents to serve as HIV/AIDS informational resources in outlying areas.


The CBMP Project Awards Program provides small awards of $5,000 to Stimulate and underwrite the development and production of local television and radio programming on HIV and related issues in the Caribbean. CBMP member broadcasters are invited to submit innovative programming concepts for consideration under the Awards Programme. Whenever possible, multiple broadcasters are encouraged to work collaboratively to develop joint proposals for consideration.

All CBMP Award funds will be allocated directly to broadcasters for production of HIV-themed content either solely or in association with other funding provided by the broadcaster. Funding awards will be contingent on the broadcaster’s willingness to provide final content rights-free to other CBMP broadcasters.


To be eligible for a CBMP Project Award, an applicant must:

  • Represent a CBMP member company and have the full support of the company’s chief executive;
  • Propose programming that addresses the issue of HIV in its themes;
  • Propose an innovative programming or messaging strategy that advances the key goals of the CBMP and its regional campaign;
  • Integrate information or referral services from local institutions (i.e. Health Ministry, National AIDS Commissions) and / or relevant non-governmental organization; and,
  • Propose a programming idea that can be executed within a budget provided by the broadcaster plus the amount requested through the CBMP Project Awards Programme. (Note: Multiple broadcasters are eligible to submit a joint application requesting a CBMP Project Award in excess of $5000, but no more than $15,000.)
  • Not have received a project award in the prior year.


Broadcasters wishing to apply for a CBMP Project Award must submit a formal application and written proposal by February 26th, 2010 for consideration. The written proposal should detail the following:

  • Overview of the project and its goals, including background information on the broadcast platform(s) that will be airing the final content;
  • Description of related off-air activities that will be implemented in conjunction with the broadcast of the material;
  • Description of how the CBMP Project Award will allow the broadcaster to cover this topic beyond normal reporting;
  • Description of previous reporting or programming on HIV/AIDS that has been developed and aired by the broadcaster;
  • A realistic production timeline with a committed air date;
  • Include a signed release form, allowing rights-free distribution of any content produced with Awards funding; and,
  • Include a line-item budget for use of the Award, including the contribution that the company is willing to make to the project. Award funds can be used to support direct production activities only, including support for local travel, equipment rental, translation, editing / post-production, and creation of tools / resources to complement the on-air piece. Award funds cannot be used to underwrite staff salaries, pay for airtime, or cover company overhead fees.


Develop your own ideas based on your local needs and resources, or consider some of the ideas below. Keep in mind that one of the most important criteria is whether the resulting programming can be used by other CBMP partners in their own markets.

  • Dramatic television or radio series with HIV content and themes
  • Non-English language adaptations of selected LIVE UP materials.
  • Integrated Live Up package for Carnival (jingles, TV ads, posters, flyers)
  • Documentaries and other programming involving People Living with HIV or public figures
  • Production and broadcast-quality recording of LIVE UP-branded concert(s) or other events, with strong HIV messaging promotion before and during event
  • Activities conducted in conjunction with local government agencies and HIV charitable organizations (Health, Education, Youth, Sports, Arts, etc.)
  • Activities that reach young men or reinforce peer education among youth


Completed applications are due on February 26th, 2010. The CBMP will convene an independent, Caribbean panel to review and assess applications according to a standard set of criteria, including:

  • Strength and innovation of proposed programming concept;
  • Appropriateness of messaging and consistency with CBMP goals & objectives;
  • Intended distribution and audience reach;
  • Integration of off-air resources and partners; and,
  • Financial need of the broadcaster.

Award recipients will receive 50% of their funding request at the time of announcement. The balance of each Project Award will be delivered upon completion of the production. Broadcasters will be required to include relevant wire transfer fees in the line item budget submitted along with the Award application.

Project Awards