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The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP)
is an unprecedented coalition of major Caribbean commercial and public broadcast companies.

Formulaire d'Adhesion du PMDC

The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP) unites broadcasters from across the Caribbean in a coordinated response to the region’s surging pandemic.  Inspired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s call to action under the Global Media AIDS Initiative, this new Partnership creates a structured framework for sharing information and resources among broadcasters that will significantly expand HIV/AIDS-related programming and public education activities across the Caribbean.  The CBMP was launched in May 2006 at a regional summit meeting of media executives on HIV/AIDS, organized by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, the Caribbean Braodcasting Union, and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Recognizing the unique power of broadcasters to deliver critical information about HIV/AIDS, participating executives signed a Partnership Declaration, committing to the following:

  • Making HIV/AIDS a business priority;
  • Integrating HIV/AIDS content across programme genres, including news, public affairs, entertainment, and new media platforms;
  • Providing for dedicated and substantial broadcast time for HIV/AIDS programming; and,
  • Seeking co-production opportunities to extend the reach of HIV/AIDS programming in the region.

CBMP broadcasters have made a significant financial commitment (modestly estimated at US$10 million annually) by pledging concrete programming assets – a minimum of 12 minutes a day and a current maximum in some cases of 45 minutes a day – for placement of campaign materials. The commitment of broadcasters is defined by an alignment of interests and expectations; airtime is not purchased for placement of HIV/AIDS messaging. As visible and influential opinion leaders in their respective communities, the media’s active engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS also sends a powerful signal to policymakers and other stakeholders about the importance of a collaborative response to the epidemic.

Our values: The CBMP and its corresponding LIVE UP campaign are designed to enable mutual respect for all people, especially including persons living with HIV and AIDS. The CBMP does not support stigma or discrimination of any sort. Our goal is to allow diverse views to be discussed openly but always with respect. Contributions that are disrespectful to any individual or group will be removed from what is intended to be an enabling environment in order to provide us with an opportunity to redouble our efforts to change this stigma and discrimination. Any offensive, judgmental or disrespectful contributions do not reflect the views of and are not supported by the CBMP.

The CBMP utilizes a variety of communication strategies, including:

  • a coordinated, cross-platform regional public service announcement (PSA) campaign;
  • integrated HIV/AIDS content across platforms, including entertainment, news, and public affairs programming;
  • free information resources, including a consumer website;
  • specialized briefings and training sessions for journalists, editors, & producers of popular programming; and,
  • targeted special event messaging.

The CBMP is overseen by a Steering Committee of broadcast executives representing a diverse constituency of media houses and countries from the region as well as an Executive Director based in Barbados. The CBMP receives technical guidance and production support from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The Ford Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation provide additional financial support to underwrite production of campaign materials and informational resources.