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The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS (CBMP)
is an unprecedented coalition of major Caribbean commercial and public broadcast companies.

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Live Up

CBMP Values Statement

The CBMP and its corresponding LIVE UP campaign are designed to enable mutual respect for all people, especially including persons living with HIV and AIDS. The CBMP does not support stigma or discrimination of any sort. Our goal is to allow diverse views to be discussed openly but always with respect. Contributions that are disrespectful to any individual or group will be removed from what is intended to be an enabling environment in order to provide us with an opportunity to redouble our efforts to change this stigma and discrimination. Any offensive, judgmental or disrespectful contributions do not reflect the views of and are not supported by the CBMP.

LIVE UP: Love. Protect. Respect.

LIVE UP is the first media-led campaign on HIV/AIDS to reach across the entire Caribbean. The campaign includes locally-produced television and radio public service ads (PSAs), long-form programming and informational materials for CBMP broadcasters to use free-of-cost and rights-free. Developed by the CBMP with support from a regional advisory committee of communications and HIV/AIDS experts, LIVE UP inspires audiences, especially young people, to consider what is within their power as individuals, families and communities to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS. LIVE UP creates a regional movement by linking audiences together across the Caribbean with one message of hope and possibility in an age of AIDS

What does it mean to LIVE UP?

  • Get your know on: Be informed about HIV/AIDS
  • Get Tested: The only way to know for sure is to get an HIV test.
  • Protect Yourself: Protect yourself and others by using a condom each and every time you have sex and limiting the number of sexual partners
  • Speak up: Talk to your partners, friends and family about HIV/AIDS
  • Take Action: Get involved in your community
  • Respect: Dont discriminate or stigmatize.

What does it mean to Love. Protect. Respect?

  • LOVE
    Loving yourself and loving others are the key messages of this campaign. Love of self and others means protecting yourself and others. Love of self and others means getting tested and asking partners to do the same. Love of self and others means respecting others and refraining from stigmatizing and discriminating. Talking openly, taking action and speaking up stem from loving yourself and loving your partner, family, children, community and friends.
    Protection is about knowing your choices and making educated decisions.

    There are several ways that people can protect themselves against infection, including:
    • Choosing to delay sexual activity.
    • Using a condom every time you engage in sexual activity.
    • Participating in a monogamous relationship and incorporating condoms into that relationship.
    • Avoiding use of injecting drugs.

    Protecting yourself also means getting routinely tested for HIV. Knowing your status can help you make informed sexual health choices. Testing empowers individuals to take control of their health, no matter what their status. If you test positive, you can get the care you need and protect your partner.
    Fighting stigma and discrimination are crucial to stemming the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Caribbean. Social norms and conservative values have an impact on HIV prevention and treatment.

    By fighting stigma and discrimination, you can:
    • Encourage people to get tested for HIV.
    • Help people living with HIV/AIDS reveal their status, get the care they need, and live in a supportive community.
    • Motivate people to protect themselves by using condoms during sex without fear of rejection from their partner.
    • Change attitudes and fears about purchasing condoms in local community pharmacies and stores.
    • Encourage young people to talk about HIV/AIDS with their peers, parents, or teachers.
    • Empower young people to recognize that HIV can happen to anyone, and that were all able to prevent infection by making responsible decisions.

By Living Up and working to Love, Protect, and Respect, we can save lives and change lives. It starts with you.

Live Up